Veholder – Virtual Artefact & Archive Project
Work in Progress, Ronald Haynes <>

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- updates due for Autumn 2020

VEHOLDER – AR blending & extending collections

  • collaboration between suitably matched museums and collections
    • to develop a 'Virtual Beholder' – or VEHOLDER (or 'Virtual Environment for Holdings & Online Digital Educational Repositories‘)
    • 'Augmented Knowledge' is provided by combining the physical objects and suitably-matched virtual, high-quality 3D items
    • visiting one of the paired institutions enables experience of its collection alongside correlated (virtual) specimens from another

Original Project Proposal

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Working Groups & Conferences

The Veholder project is working with others to focus on identifying emerging standards for 3D digital development, delivery and preservation.
physical and
virtual skulls side-by-side
Putting heads together – modern physical skull ‘Luke’ & AR ‘Lucy’
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